SkiddyKitty: An Unintentional Social Media Sensation

skiddykitty is an accidental social media sensation. we’ll take a look at SkiddyKitty and see what makes him so unique and interesting.

What is SkiddyKitty?

SkiddyKitty is an adorable and curious cat who has taken over social media with her unique personality and cute photos. This little feline was adopted by her current owner in October 2016, but quickly became a social media sensation when people started sharing her photos and videos. SkiddyKitty is a playful and curious cat who loves to explore her surroundings. She loves to play with toys, curl up in bed, and spend time with her owner. Her cute personality has made her one of the most popular cats on social media, with millions of followers across all of her platforms.

Who is SkiddyKitty?

SkiddyKitty is a social media sensation that you’ve likely never heard of. Created in February of 2015, the account is made up of photos and videos of a white cat named Skiddy posing for funny or cute photos. The account has amassed over 2 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, and has been shared by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande.

SkiddyKitty’s popularity comes from its unintentional humor and adorable photos. For example, one photo shows the cat sitting in what seems to be a pot of boiling water, with the caption “I’m not scared! I’m just hot!” Another photo shows Skiddy licking an ice cream cone clean, with the caption “My cone wants me.” The account also includes funny videos of Skiddy playing or being playful.

While many people may not know who SkidyKitty is, the cat’s fans seem to love it anyway. Many commenters on the account say they enjoy seeing the cat’s silly antics and find comfort in knowing that the cat is happy and safe. Whether you’re a fan of SkiddyKitty or not, his jolly personality will make you smile regardless!

How did SkiddyKitty become a social media sensation?

SkiddyKitty is an adorable cat with a penchant for prancing around and posing for photos. Originally created as part of a university project in 2013, SkiddyKitty quickly became a social media sensation on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Despite initially being created as part of a course project, SkiddyKitty has since amassed over two million followers on Instagram, and is regularly featured by brands and publications across the internet. In fact, some have even suggested that SkiddyKitty may be the world’s first ‘social media star’.

The reason for SkiddyKitty’s success is simple: she’s fun to watch. Her playful nature, combined with her cute facial expressions, makes for irresistible viewing. Additionally, her unique name – which references the classic children’s game of “Crazy Eights” – makes her easy to remember and share.

So if you’re looking for a laugh – or just someone to make your day – be sure to check out SkiddyKitty online!

What are the benefits of being a part of SkiddyKitty?

There are many benefits to being a part of SkiddyKity. Not only is the content quality high, but the community is supportive and welcoming. Additionally, joining the community can give you access to exclusive content and discounts on products. Joining also allows you to share your own content and connect with likeminded individuals. Finally, becoming a part of SkiddyKitty can help you build your brand and increase visibility for your work.


SkiddyKitty is an adorable little kitty that has quickly become a social media sensation. Whether you love her or hate her, it’s hard not to feel at least a little bit of curiosity about this curious feline. What is SkiddyKitty’s story? Where did she come from? And what does she have in store for us next? Only time will tell…

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