Rhona Gemmell: Sculptor and Pilates Teacher

Rhona Gemmell is a sculptor and pilates teacher who has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years.

Rhona Gemmell: A Teacher and Artist

Gemmell is a Pilates and art teacher who has been teaching for over 20 years. She was born in Scotland, and moved to the United States when she was 8 years old.¬†She primarily teaches Pilates at her studio in LA, but she also teaches workshops around the country. Gemmell’s work is based on her own personal experiences as an artist and as a mother. Her sculptures are often autobiographical, and explore themes such as self-acceptance, strength, and femininity. Gemmell’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the world, including The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, and The Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

How Rhona Gemmell Became a Pilates Teacher

Rhona Gemmell was born in England in 1965 and began her dance training at the age of four. Shortly after graduating from RADA, Rhona moved to New York City and started working as a dancer and choreographer.

In 2001, Rhona moved to Los Angeles and started teaching Pilates. She quickly became one of the most popular Pilates teachers in the U.S., and has since developed an extremely successful studio business.

What Sets Rhona Gemmell Apart from Other Pilates Teachers

Rhona Gemmell is a Pilates teacher who has carved out her own unique niche in the world of Pilates. While other Pilates teachers may focus on providing students with basic exercises and movements, Gemmell focuses on sculpting her students’ bodies using Pilates.

While many Pilates teachers may focus on teaching students how to move more efficiently and effectively, Gemmell is known for helping students develop their own unique body shapes and forms through Pilates. This approach allows students to see resultsquickly and easily, making Gemmell one of the most successful Pilates teachers out there.

How to Work with Rhona Gemmell

Rhona Gemmell is a sculptor and Pilates teacher who has worked in the art world for over twenty years. Her work is both sculptural and functional, focusing on the body as an anatomical system. Gemmell’s sculptures often explore the tension between different parts of the body and how they interact with each other, using movement as a way to explore those tensions.

Gemmell teaches Pilates at her studio in London, where she offers beginner classes as well as more advanced sessions. She has also given lectures around the world on the subject of Pilates and sculpture, and is currently working on a book about the relationship between Pilates and sculpture. Gemmell is an artist whose work reflects her love of movement, body awareness, and anatomy.

The Benefits of Having Rhona Gemmell as a Pilates Teacher

There are many benefits to working with Rhona Gemmell as a Pilates teacher. This means that her classes are always challenging and stimulating, which helps to improve both your Pilates technique and your overall fitness.

Aside from her skills as an instructor, Rhona is also an experienced sculptor. This gives her unique insights into how Pilates can be used to sculpt and tone the body. As a result, her classes are often packed with interesting exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals.


Rhona Gemmell is a sculptor and Pilates teacher who has been working in the arts for over twenty years. She has a natural talent for creating beautiful pieces of art, which she uses to teach her students how to move their bodies in ways that help them feel their best. Her classes are filled with fun exercises that will make you stronger and more flexible, so be sure to sign up today!

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