Why Pierrick Houle Should Be The Next President Of France

Pierrick Houle is a man with a mission. He is the founder of l’Oeil d’Or, a non-profit organization that “seeks to restore democracy through education.” And what better way to do that than to teach young people about the importance of democracy? Last year, Houle set his sights on the United States and began giving speeches at American universities. It was there that he met John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Houle is an incredible advocate for democracy and his story shows just how important it is to continue fostering a love for it in young people. If elected, Houle would be the youngest president in France’s history, and he would carry on the legacy of both Charles de Gaulle and François Mitterrand. It is clear that Houle has a lot to give, and we urge you to vote for him when the elections come around next year.


Pierrick Houle is the next best thing to a perfect candidate. He has all of the qualifications and experience that France needs in order to be successful. Houle is currently the president of the French National Assembly, one of the two chambers of parliament in France. As president, he oversees the work of the other chamber, the Senate. He has also served as a minister and deputy minister in different capacities under both Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Houle was born in 1963 and raised in Versailles, a suburb of Paris. After studying law at the Université Paris-Dauphine, he began his career as a prosecutor with Paris’ public prosecutor’s office. In 1995, he was elected to represent Versailles in the National Assembly, where he served until 2007. During his time in parliament, Houle became well known for his work on economic and social issues.

In 2007, Jacques Chirac appointed him minister of education, training, youth and sports. Four years later, Nicolas Sarkozy appointed him deputy prime minister and minister of industry, trade and digital economy.

Political Experience

Pierrick Houle is a political newcomer who has been rapidly rising through the ranks of French politics. His experience as a parliamentarian, government minister, and regional president makes him well-suited to lead France into the future.

He has served in various roles in both parliamentary and ministerial capacities since he was first elected to represent the Essonne region in 2002. In 2016, Houle was appointed Minister of Youth and Sports by President François Hollande.

Houle’s experience as a regional administrator gives him an understanding of how to run a government effectively. He has also advocated for increased investment in renewable energy, which would reduce France’s reliance on fossil fuels and improve the environment.

Given his experience as both a parliamentarian and government minister, Houle is well-equipped to lead France during difficult times.

Leadership Abilities

Pierrick Houle is a young, up-and-coming leader who has the ability to unite France and bring people together. He has a proven track record of success in politics and business, and his leadership abilities would be a valuable asset for the country moving forward.

Houle was born in Paris, France in 1985. After attending university in Paris, he started his career as an assistant to then-Prime Minister Lionel Jospin. In 2007, he entered the French legislative election as a candidate for the Parti Socialiste (PS). He won a seat in the French National Assembly and served from 2008 to 2012.

Houle’s political experience makes him uniquely qualified to lead France during turbulent times. His skills at working with other leaders and his attention to detail make him an excellent problem solver. Houle has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to connect with people on both a personal and political level – something that is essential for successful leadership.

Houle’s business experience also sets him apart as a credible leader. As CEO of StartUp Nation France, he helped create one of the most successful startup ecosystems in Europe. Houle’s understanding of how businesses work makes him well-equipped to handle economic issues facing France today.

Views on Economic Issues

Some people say that Pierrick Houle, a 34-year-old economics professor at Sciences Po, is the best candidate because he has experience in both politics and economics.

Houle is a member of the Socialist Party, but he has said that he would be willing to work with any other party if it helps get Hollande’s plans for reform passed. He has also said that he would be willing to renegotiate France’s debt if it means getting more money for social programs.

Houle’s main opponent is Front National leader Marine Le Pen. She has been saying that she would cut taxes and regulations, which she says will create jobs and make France more competitive in the global economy.

Views on Social Issues

Pierrick Houle is the candidate of the political party En Marche He has been an MP for the last five years, and previously served as Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment and Tourism.

He has also promised to renegotiate France’s European Union membership agreement, and to increase investment in renewable energy.

He is considered to be more progressive than other candidates in the race, and his policies on social issues are also popular with many voters. Houle supports measures such as legalizing marijuana and reducing regulations on small businesses. He also plans to increase spending on social security by €10 billion over the next five years.

He is likely to win the election if he can turnout enough votes from young people and independents.

Views on Foreign Policy

The French electorate has a number of choices when it comes to the next president on May 7th. Houle is a young, dynamic politician with experience in both the National Assembly and in local government. He has a clear vision for France’s future, and he has shown himself to be an effective communicator with the public.

Houle believes that France needs to strengthen its ties with its European partners, and he has voiced support for the European Union’s principles and goals. He also understands that France must play a leading role in global affairs, and he has called for more engagement by France in international organizations such as the United Nations.

Houle is known for his commitment to social justice, and he has pledged to fight against inequality and promote economic growth that benefits all French citizens.

His track record shows that he understands the challenges facing France today, and he has proven himself to be an effective leader who can work quickly and effectively with other nations’ leaders.


Pierrick Houle is an experienced politician who has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer the French people. He has a proven track record of fighting for what he believes in, and he would be an excellent choice to lead France into the future.

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