Jane Seymour Net Worth: What Does She Have

Jane Seymour is an actress and model who has starred in films like The Three Musketeers and Doctor Who. She’s also been a regular on the cover of magazine, and she’s currently co-hosting a show on PBS. So why would anyone want to buy anything Jane Seymour has? Well, for one thing, she’s got a sizable fortune. As of 2019, Jane Seymour’s net worth was estimated at $40 million. In this article, we will explore Jane Seymour’s career and what makes her so valuable to brands and consumers alike. We will also take a look at what you can do to get your hands on some of her products should you happen to be interested.

Jane Seymour’s Early Years

Jane Seymour was born in England on December 12, 1945. Her mother was a singer and actress, and her father was an American soldier who later became a British diplomat. Jane attended boarding school in Switzerland before studying acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. After graduation, she began appearing on stage and in films.

In 1971, Jane met Stephen Fitz-Greene while filming The Other Side of Midnight. They married two years later and had one son, Chris. In 1978, they divorced after 22 years of marriage.

In 1984, Jane married Mick Jagger after a six year affair. The couple had three children: Georgia May Jagger (b. 1985), James Zane Jagger (b. 1987), and Martha Elizabeth Jagger (b. 1990). Jane and Mick divorced in 1996 after 15 years of marriage.

Since retiring from acting, Jane has devoted her time to philanthropy and environmental causes. She currently resides in New York City with her dog Bongo

Seymour’s Career

Jane Seymour is a well-known actress and model who has amassed a net worth of $50 million. She was born in Hollywood on February 1, 1954. Seymour’s father was a film director and her mother was an actress. She began her career as a child model and made her acting debut at the age of nine in an episode of “The Untouchables”. After appearing in several films and TV shows, Seymour achieved mainstream success in the early 1980s with roles in films such as “The Return of Sherlock Holmes” and “The Elephant Man”. In 1991, she became engaged to rock musician Peter Gabriel and they married the following year. The couple divorced two years later. Seymour has since had several romantic relationships, most notably with actor Scott Bakula and entrepreneur Arpad Busson.

Jane Seymour’s Net Worth: How Much Money Does She Have and Why Would Anyone Want To Buy It

Jane Seymour’s net worth is around $10 million. She made most of her money from a successful career in modeling and acting, and she also has a sizable real estate portfolio. Jane Seymour is also a philanthropist, donating money to charity both privately and through her foundation. So why would anyone want to buy Jane Seymour’s assets? Well, for one thing, Seymour is a very wealthy woman who has been able to build up her wealth over the course of her career. Secondly, there’s the fact that Seymour has been involved in some high-profile divorces – including that of Prince Charles and Lady Diana – which could make her assets quite valuable in today’s market. Finally, there is the chance that Seymour could release more information about her private life in the future, potentially increasing the value of her assets even further.


Jane Seymour is one of the most beloved and well-known actresses in Hollywood history. She has been in films such as The Manchurian Candidate, Sleeping Beauty, Crossfire and many more. Jane Seymour net worth is currently unknown but likely in the billions due to her successful film career. But what else does Jane Seymour have that would make someone want to buy it? Well, for starters she’s a dedicated animal rights activist who founded an organization called Catwalk For Animals which helps homeless cats find new homes. Secondly, she’s a passionate home cook who has written several cookbooks and even appeared on the Food Network show Kitchen Confidential. So if you’re looking for something unique or interesting to add to your collection, Jane Seymour might just be the perfect candidate!

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