Air Jordan 1 Mid vs High: Which Sneaker Does Your Collection Need Next?

Have you ever met someone new and one of the first things that caught your attention was their shoes?

Studies show that shoes are associated with a person’s identity. They are a form of expression and can tell people about your personality. If you’re looking for a pair of kicks that represent your identity, Air Jordan 1 sneakers are great. 

Read below to discover the differences between Air Jordan 1 mid and high-top sneakers, so you can invest in the best pair! 

Identify Your Purpose 

Are you hoping to play on the court wearing your new kicks?

If so, the mid-Air Jordan 1 style is best. A lower cut around the heel gives you more flexibility and a chance to spring up in the air for a slam dunk. These are also simple styles for everyday wear and look great with casual outfits. 

Air Jordan 1 high-top shoes can still get worn on the courts, but these shoes are also perfect for the streets. You’ll want to take care of your shoes and prevent the pavement from scuffing them. If it’s snowy or wet outside, you should leave these shoes in your bag or at the house. 

For some people, the right shoe involves comfort. The mid-tops are often preferred when it comes to comfort since there is still ankle support but aren’t as restrictive.  

Consider Which Colors You Want to Flash 

Although the OG Air Jordan 1 sneaker came in black and red but can find them in a variety of other colors. 

Check out to find which colorways you prefer and that will match the majority of your outfits. You don’t have to stick with black or white, bold colors can still look nice and add character to your style. 

High-top Jordans are known for bringing chunky, bright colors together and making them look like artwork. It’s common for people to get high Jordans in their favorite team’s colors. 

Since Air Jordan mid are often worn more casually, you can find them in blues, creams, and grays. Luckily, most colorways are used with both styles of this shoe. 

Do You Have Wide Feet? 

If you have wider feet that feel crammed in shoes, the Air Jordan 1 high-top will offer more space than the mids. 

The high-tops have more space because there are 9 holes for laces, rather than 8. The additional lacing adds a strap that can help you better fit your shoes on your feet. The shoe flaps on the Jordan high-tops are also larger around the laces, which can also create more space. 

Fortunately, there are ways to lace up your shoes so that you can maximize your room in the shoe. As you break into your new Jordans, you’ll notice the inside start to expand. 

The Trendiest Style

You should select the style that suits your needs and preferences, but if you want to keep up with trends, one is more popular.

When comparing Air Jordan 1 mid vs high styles, the high-tops always end up at the top. The high OGs use the original silhouette and design, which is why they are more valuable. There are fewer high OG Jordans on the market, so the demand for them is quite competitive. 

Since Jordan 1 mid is more available to consumers, they are often bought the most. 

Jordan 1 mid designs have expanded so much that you can find them in the children’s and women’s sections. The ‘Barely Rose Jordans’ are perfect for women that want a touch of pink and white. 

Set a Budget

Depending on the Air Jordans you fall in love with, you may end up spending a lot of money. 

Certain styles are more expensive than others, which is why you must set a budget. If you don’t have a lot to spend, the ‘Bred Toe White’ Jordan 1s are recommended. These mid-tops are comfortable and stylish, and they don’t have a hefty price tag.  

Specialty high-tops are some of the most expensive shoes on the market. The “Dark Marina Blue’ is highly-saught after and only the highest bidders get an original pair. The black and gold editions of the high-tops are also more expensive when compared to other styles. 

If you pay attention to sales and promotions, you can still score affordable high tops without going into debt. 

Look at the Logo

Some people don’t notice it at first, but the logo on the shoe’s tongue is different between the mid and high. 

The high OG has the original branding at the top, displaying ‘Nike Air.’ Since the mid doesn’t have extra space on the tongue, it reads ‘AIR.’ Jordan Mids also included the Jumpman logo at the top of the tongue.  

Depending on which design you get, you will notice logos behind the heel. Both versions of Jordan 1s have the famous Nike swoosh on the exterior of the shoes. The colors used for the logos may fluctuate between different colorways. 

If you purchase a pair inspired by an NBA team, their team logo can be found just above the ankle.

Is the Air Jordan 1 Mid Right for You?

Finding the right pair of shoes takes time, and although 2 shoes may appear similar, there are often many differences. 

If you compare Air Jordan 1 mid vs high-tops, you’ll quickly discover that each style has unique characteristics. Whether you’re looking for style, comfort, or flexibility, your Jordans will support you. Consider why you want to buy new shoes and the most practical option will become apparent. 

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